Patient Marketing Specialists is a fully integrated marketing company dedicated to acquiring Dental Implant candidates and converting them into surgical patients. With years of experience using all facets of multimedia advertising, proprietary educational protocols and sales management, our team has a proven track record of growing Dental Implant practices throughout America. Patient Marketing Specialists was founded on my 25 years of successful experience in developing surgical patients for LASIK, Cosmetic Surgery, and for the last 10 years as one of the founding partners of 32 practices for ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers.

Dental Implant surgery is one of the fastest growing and most profitable procedures, and I have been credited as “The Expert” in Dental Implant patient development. Whether there is a need for replacing a single tooth or an entire mouth of teeth, every dentist will require cost effective external and internal Dental Implant marketing products and services to grow their practices. I founded Patient Marketing Specialists with a team of Dental implant marketing experts to work with Surgeons and fulfill those needs.

Enclosed is my resumé showing years of success and profitability with more than 300 medical and dental Surgeons. There is no other individual or team with as much expertise in advertising, marketing and “hands on experience” in growing Dental Implant practices.  So, if you’re looking to substantially grow your Implant practice, Patient Marketing Specialists is the team for you. We have our own in-house production team of award-winning producers, photographers, editors, graphic designers and IT professionals to bring you highly effective television, newspaper, brochure and web content. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss this opportunity.

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Larry Deutsch, Founder, PresidentView Resumé for Larry Deutsch
Dental implant surgical procedure.
Lab preparing dental implants for patient.

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