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From Patient Marketing Specialists:

The ONLY Call Center with dedicated dental implant professionals in the United States to answer your dental implant calls.

Don't use an answering service, and don't use your front desk. Find out about our revolutionary new scheduling technique.

Whether it'€™s your front desk or your dental implant consultant who is answering the phone for new inquiring patients, or scheduling, confirming, tracking and following up with those prospective patients, we all know what a difficult tasks these can be. Call Center skills are very uncommon to almost all dental implant practices. But now from Patient Marketing Specialists, and their subsidiary, the Dental Specialist Network, comes a dedicated and trained dental implant call center consisting of trained dental implant counselors whose sole and focused job is to answer your phones, explain your practice, qualify candidates, schedule appointments and follow-up all inquiries.

Patient Marketing Specialists will place your dental implant telephone line into our Dental Specialist Network (DSN) computerized phone system and and provide live talent to answer, schedule and follow-up valuable new dental implant prospects. DSN will provide a regular analysis regarding all calls and follow-up activities. Why waste your practice talent and time answering the phones when dedicated dental implant Call Center professionals can take over this valuable function and grow your practice?

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Dental Specialist Network:

We have the patients, can you take care of them?

You want play in the advertising world but you don't have the dollars to do comes the Dental Specialist Network.

I'm sure you are aware that to grow your dental implant practice it's been proven that direct to consumer ads can represent a substantial increase for you. But whether it'€™s TV ads, newspaper, radio, or web related marketing, it takes significant amounts of commercials to make an impression, and that usually means big dollars to get the patients, or to compete with the larger practices, chains of implant centers, and DSO'€™s. But now, from Patient Marketing Specialists comes the Dental Specialist Network, a group of local specialists within your own market, that have joined together to advertise dental implants and share the leads. NO corporate oversight or management. You retain your own practice while getting patients who are qualified and scheduled for consultations and treatment. So you have the combination of a powerful local advertising campaign while minimizing your risk.

The management of Patient Marketing Specialists has created more dental implant ads than anyone in the world. From the largest practices to smaller markets, our award winning producers, directors and graphic artists are constantly developing new advertising concepts like the Dental Specialist Network. As part of the Network, you will be part of a group of Oral Surgeons, Periodontists and Prosthodontists who will all participate in a distribution of the qualified leads that come through our own dedicated Call Center. Now you can be part of a multi level, comprehensive, exponential marketing and advertising campaign that you could never undertake by yourself. You retain your practice, maximize potential and minimize risk.

To Learn More Call 800-297-2700. Visit our call center site here.

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