We get the patients!



Dental Implant doctors change lives everyday. But their expertise is in dentistry, not in finding and cultivating new patients.

Getting patients to come to your practice is a never ending challenge and a specialty unto itself. Patient Marketing Specialists has the knowledge, protocols and proven strategies to increase your patient funnel exponentially.

What makes Patient Marketing Specialists the best choice for patient solicitation and retention?

  • Proven systems, protocols and training for you and your team to acquire, educate and convert potential dental implant patients
  • A Team with expertise in messaging and content creation hyper-focused on getting you the right patient mix
  • Branding strategies to increase profitability and value of your practice
  • Follow up procedures with current, newly acquired and referral practices to increase dental implant market share

What would it mean to you to have just one more case Would that patient increase your yield? Of course it would! One more dental implant patient per week will mean at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. And imagine even more...

Patient Marketing Specialists’ motto is “one more case.” We know that everyday, every phone call, every consultation has the potential of bringing in one more case.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 69% of adults 35-44 have lost at least one tooth.

Patients are looking for the right doctor to change their lives. Is it you? And if it is, who knows? We show those suffering why they should choose your center.

Our Call Center Service makes it even easier.

We get you the patients. It’s that simple.



Patient Marketing Specialists Promotional Video

Patient Marketing Specialists offers you turnkey Marketing with customization for your local area. For a fixed monthly rate, you tap into the largest library of TV, Newspaper and Digital assets.  This content has the right messaging to bring in high quality patients. You also receive patient education materials and complete in-house office staff training.

We believe in direct response, and we are results oriented. Patient Marketing Specialists offers clients customized websites and Internet solutions with campaigns that are integrated and targeted. We are your complete Advertising solution on all platforms.