Since 2003, Larry Deutsch, a founding partner of ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, has led the way in developing new techniques and procedures for reaching out to patients needing Dental Implants.

With Patient Marketing Specialists, he continued to provide our library of marketing and advertising materials, developed our successful Call Center, and innovated a unique Medical Billing Service for Dental Implants.

So based on our successful English language marketing program, Patient Marketing Specialists proudly developed a marketing program targeting the Hispanic community, because it’s just too big to ignore.

Today, every Dentist is an Implantologist and the Implant segment of your practice is the most clinically advanced and economically beneficial to the growth of your practice. The Spanish speaking community has a similar awareness of Dental Implants and needs the marketing direction of where to go.

Spanish-speaking demographics have increased dramatically. The increase is fed by improved Spanish language programming and increased cable TV penetration. We expect the market to continue its torrid growth.

Larry Deutsch, previously founded a Spanish language station in Miami that became the flagship for the MEGA TV National Network. He knows the way to reach the Hispanic community is through traditional media—in Spanish.

Besides commercials en español produced by our Spanish-speaking producers and talent, Patient Marketing has added a bilingual staff of call center agents for intake and scheduling of large Dental Implant and Surgical cases.

If you choose, our call center agents can field leads and make appointments for qualified prospects. So even if you are currently advertising in English, Patient Marketing can target Dental Implant cases in your market with English and now Spanish language advertising. The cases we deliver are 100% yours. Patient Marketing only receives advertising and media commissions.

Our Spanish language campaign is very targeted. You don’t need a large budget to develop the creative, place the media, or add staff to qualify people in this segment. If you already have a Spanish-speaking Doctor or have a staff member who is, you're ahead of the game. We can come to your practice and film you and your patients for the commercials, or just use our Spanish language materials without specific Doctors. Patient Marketing also provides Patient Education videos for your consult room or to be sent to patients.

You can’t afford to miss this large market. If you only advertise in English, you’re missing out on a substantial market—leaving potential opportunities on the table.

Patient Marketing is the cost-effective way to reach this important segment of the population because we can also provide the intake, then qualify and schedule appointments for Hispanic Dental Implant cases.

To learn more about our programs reaching Spanish-speaking individuals who suffer from missing and failing teeth, CALL TODAY 800-297-2700.

 ¡Nosotros Les Conseguimos Sus Pacientes!

Here is a sample of our work for Dental Implants in Spanish. The caption in English is ONLY for this example.

The actual commercials air in Spanish only.
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